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The Gifts of Houseplants Set of 4 Cards

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This set comprises four A6 size plantable cards. They are made from WILDFLOWER SEED PAPER, handmade from cotton waste from the textile industry and air dried to maximise chances of growth. It is 100% tree-free and biodegradable. They come with recycled green envelopes.  

There are four different designs: Peace, Inspiration, Time and Creativity. The back of each card contains details of the design and instructions on how to plant the card to yield beautiful wildflowers.

Cards are blank inside.

Behind the designs

'Peace: Begonia corallina and the cat'

Begonias are often interpreted as a symbol of peace. They also symbolise thankfulness and can be a great gift to say thank you. Cats symbolise many things, including protection and elegance, but who can fail to feel peaceful when watching a cat sleep among the houseplants? 

'Inspiration: Maranta leuconeura and the cup'

Marantas move their leaves upwards at night, resembling praying hands, giving them the common name of prayer plants. Thanks to this, they symbolise devotion and focus. Sitting among my houseplants with a fresh brew allows me to clear my mind for focus and inspiration to come. What a gift! Marantas are also symbolic of gratitude, so a great gift of thanks.

'Time: Calathea Rattlesnake and the book'

The Calathea symbolises new beginnings, and sitting down with a new book among your houseplants to take time for yourself is such a gift. I think I might just do that right now.

'Creativity: The Spider Plant and the spider'

The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) symbolises our interconnection with others, and the spider adds to this the symbolism of creativity. Here is to the creativity born from the happiness of good friendships. 

Creation and Shipping

The paper used to make these cards is handmade, so there is variation between each individual products and some natural imperfections which add to their charm.

The cards are made by me in my Hampshire studio and are printed to order. Please allow 7 days for production. If you need your cards sooner, please get in touch.

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Your order will be sent from my Studio in England. Please allow 7 days for production. I use biodegradable packaging wherever possible.

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