We believe in the nature within.

That actions mean more than wares. We started Arcana with a desire not just to create beautiful tactile items for the home but to educate and inspire nature connectedness.

The collections are designed to awaken curiosity by combining natural history and art, translating art into texture and capturing the subtleties and intricacies of each species and story.

Combining nature connectedness and artistic alchemy, Arcana is about uncovering magic and appreciating beauty in textiles that tell a different tale.

One of texture, truth, wildlife and wonder. With change woven into our very fabric. That’s the nature of Arcana.

Behind Arcana

Arcana was created by Ria Mishaal & Jake Snaddon. An artist and environmental scientist passionate about creativity and nature connection.

Together Ria and Jake have two young daughters, and they live in a 200 year old house with a wild garden full of birdsong. 

About Ria (by Ria)

There’s a line between what is real and magical, and my art plays there. It plays with what is just out of sight, sparking wonder, transforming the moment. I am swept up in light and shadow, by how images transform our feelings giving nuanced understanding.

My 15 years as a professional photographer, following a career as a behavioural neuroscientist, has led to a fascination in the connection between people and their passions, and how visual stories help us feel better understood. To me, art is a conversation.

I am is fascinated and connected to the natural world, and believe a connection with nature leads to greater balance, compassion and understanding in all areas of our lives. I believe we should take responsibility for caring for our natural environment in small and big ways. As a curious and quiet observer, deeply connected to the natural world, I tend to attract people who feel a connection to nature, the magical or both.

About Jake (by Jake)

I am an Ecologist and Environmental Scientist, with a warranted fondness for beetles. I feel most at home in a tropical forest - Belize or Borneo will do. My research focuses on tropical forest and agricultural ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and the conservation of biological resources.

Based at the School of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Southampton, my group’s research covers a wide range of questions from looking at the roles of complexity and biodiversity in supporting ecological processes to acoustic monitoring of biodiversity and anthropogenic disturbances. 

I am passionate about science communication and outreach and inspiring nature connection in the younger generation. 

Wild Life, Our Way

Bringing the products to life is a labour of love. A 9-step journey.

Step into our woodland wonderland. This is the way we do things:



Here we discuss concepts, creativity, conservation, and charities to support .


Approaching it from a scientific background with biodiversity as a key focal point, we talk about nature, wildlife, flora, fauna and the finer details. Jake is in his element.


Ria takes the stage. Here we get the charcoals out, adding tone and texture, bringing shade and pencil strokes to bring the concept to life.


Back to the books, cross-referencing and double-checking every single detail. We are passionate about accuracy and fiercely protective of natural history. We’ll never add details to make it look beautiful, woven into our creativity you’ll find the intricacies of reality that are representative of the wild world.


Ria spreads her wings, adding colour and artistic detail to the designs. This is where they become bold and fully fledged, the texture coming to life before we even translate into material. The art has depth and story.


Jake returns at the final stage to work on the narrative and the natural history. He heads up an educational guide to accompany each collection, supported by science and designed to awaken curiosity in adults and children alike.


A tearful farewell as the artwork leaves the studio. Now is a time of waiting, resting and contemplation (who are we kidding? Ria is already planning the next collection)


Proof Day is the best day. The blankets feel so good, the colour, the texture. They never fail to wow us with their colour and texture.


The final stage. Road test the blanket. Also known as taking an afternoon nap and calling it a creative meeting. Soft enough to sleep in and big enough to wrap up in, reawakening the magic of nature and bringing it home.


It’s not just our creative process, it’s our passion.


Small stock and made-to-order

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