Houseplant Therapy: The Benefits of Houseplants

Houseplant Therapy: The Benefits of Houseplants

Changing Nature Episode 003

Houseplant therapy: the benefits of houseplants

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In the first of two episodes exploring our relationship with houseplants and how they benefit our mental health, I spoke to Liv from Fancy Plants. This is an independent plant shop in Bristol, England, and we learned a lot about how to make the best choices for long, healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with our houseplants.

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In this episode, I talked with some passionate plant enthusiasts about their journey with keeping houseplants. Research has explored the relationship of house plants on human health with significant evidence for a positive impact on our mental health, improving our moods, reducing stress, increasing productivity and our concentration too. Throughout the COVID pandemic. With many of us confined to our homes, the psychological benefits of houseplants became even more evident.

I really enjoyed my conversations with some plant lovers about their relationships with houseplants that I share in this episode. You’ll hear from Elizabeth Terzza, a jewellery designer from Herefordshire, Charlotte Argyrou, a botanical illustrator who loves drawing everything floral, foliage and feathered, Magda, a yoga instructor and senior product coordinator at the University of Portsmouth, and Anandie, a business strategy and business coaching from Pretoria in South Africa. They share with me where their journeys with house plants began, what they have found easy and hard and what benefits they personally think their indoor jungles bring to their lives and mental health. Make yourself a cup of tea listen to our lovely conversations in this episode on Apple podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.

Why green is soothing

In the conversation, Magda mentioned something I found fascinating: Did you know our eyes are most sensitive to the wavelength of light 555nm which is green light? This means that relative to other wavelengths of light, we perceive green light to be brighter and so easiest to see, which is why it is more soothing on the eyes, because it is easiest to see in daylight conditions.

I am so grateful for these wonderful creatives taking time to talk to me about their houseplant journeys. Please give them so love by checking them on on Instagram:

Jeweller Elizabeth Terzza

Illustrator Charlotte Argyrou

Yoga instructor Magda

Life & Business Strategist Anandie