Wrap yourself up in a world of wildlife and wonder.

Arcana creates a tactile collection of homeware that is stimulating to the senses, soft, luxurious and beautiful to behold. Our collections are infused with the 3 things we are most passionate about: nature, education and art. It’s about sharing knowledge and expressing beauty.

Each item is beautifully crafted, with heart and humanity running throughout. The blankets are created to keep, to hand down and to become part of your very own family fabric. They are the thread that connects you with nature.

Fold them, wrap them, drape them, run around wearing them as a
cape; but, above all enjoy them. In a world of throwaway, of discarding and the disposable, champion sustainability and longevity, be the change.

More than a blanket or a throw, pretty interiors or inspirational décor, it’s about design for change and making a difference.

Change begins at home.

Meet Your New Blanket

sofa throw, bed cover, table cloth, picnic or yoga blanket....

Our blankets are woven from 75% recycled cotton, 20% spun cotton and 5% polyester that is required in the recycled cotton portion to retain its strength.

All the colours you see are woven from just six colours of threads, which can be seen in the 1.5 inch fringing on the edge. Two edges show the colours, two show black and white threads. Each soft tapestry blanket contains over 8 miles of yarn. Because the blankets are woven, every one is reversible, showing different colours on the back.

Machine Washable & Recycled Cotton

From cosying up with a book to lying on the beach, you can use your blanket everywhere at any time of year, as the lightweight nature of the fabric allows amazing versatility. You can even machine or hand wash the blanket in cold water on a delicate cycle using a mild detergent, so you don’t need to worry about loving it and taking it everywhere.

Night Garden

Celebrating back garden biodiversity, you’ll discover moths for every month of the year, paired with the plants that hungry caterpillars feed upon.

Indoor Jungle

For this collection, we are embracing plants inside, woven into the very fabric of your home. Featuring species such as Maranta, Calathea Sanderiana and the iconic Monstera.

Forest Flight

There’s an abundance of things to see in the Belizean rainforest. Look up to find tree species, cedar, cecropia and firebush, housing a party of woodpeckers, hummingbirds, oropendolas, euphonias, trogans and toucans.

Wild Oak

Find the oak undergrowth in the blanket folds. Green woodpeckers, purple emperors, blue ground beetles and faithful squirrel, like animals to the Arc, the wildlife are supported by the oak. Strengthened and safe, a sanctuary for creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Arcana is launching on 30th August 2022


We are a small independent British business, and with sustainability close to our hearts and always on our mind, we are launching with small batch production. What this means for you is that we will open our doors for preorders for just two weeks. We will then get to making to order all those beautiful items before we open our doors again. So if you want to own your very own Arcana blanket, cushion or bag, sign up for our newsletter below so you don't miss the launch.

Another wonderful reason to join is that we have made just one of each and every design to have in stock which will be launched to our community 24 hours before the public launch, with a special savings code. If you want to have access to this special collection of our wares which will be available for immediate dispatch, please sign up to the Nature Within Newsletter below.

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Watch the story of how we create out blankets:

Love for our blankets

The blanket I received from Ria is now a staple in my home. Not only beautiful and stylish but incredibly warm and comforting, working so well as a decorative AND practical piece! I absolutely love it and am forever receiving compliments, thank you so much Ria!!🪴💚


My blanket is one of the most beautiful items I have in my home. It’s so striking and my daughters have so much fun identifying and discussing the different species and what they can see from our garden climbing up the fabric. The colours are so beautiful and it’s incredible quality - everyone comments on my Arcana blanket. At night I wrap up in it to read or watch the log burner. A magical reminder of the power of nature.


I absolutely adore my wild oak blanket! Not just because it's beautiful and so so snuggly, I love my blanket because of all the little details. I notice a new animal or plant every time I wrap myself up 🥰