Woven from a world of wildlife and wonder.

Our nature-inspired blankets are species accurate and tell real natural world stories that forge a personal connection to nature.

Finely woven on jacquard looms from recycled cotton, our blankets are created to keep, to hand down, and to become part of your very own family fabric.

We are a small independent British company, a collaboration between artist Ria Mishaal and ecologist Jake Snaddon.

We donate 2% of all online sales to conservation efforts for the species featured, they are the thread that connects you with nature.



    Designs that tell real world natural stories



    2% off all online sales to charities



    We use recycled, organic and zero waste fabrics

An Autumn of Arcana

Meet our autumnal releases: weaves full of warm tones and the essence of this season.

Watch the story of how we create our blankets:

Meet Your New Blanket

sofa throw, bed cover, table cloth, picnic or yoga blanket....

Our blankets are woven from 75% recycled cotton, and all the colours you see are woven from just six colours of threads, which can be seen in the 1.5 inch fringing on the edge. Because the blankets are woven, every one is reversible, showing different colours on the back.

From cosying up with a book to lying on the beach, you can use your blanket everywhere at any time of year, as the lightweight nature of the fabric allows amazing versatility. You can even machine wash your blanket on a delicate cycle, so you don’t need to worry about loving it and taking it everywhere.

Change begins at home

More than a blanket or a throw, pretty interiors or inspirational décor, Arcana is about design for change and making a difference:

Each blanket, cushion or bag comes with its own Nature Connection Guide with pages of species information and inspirational ideas on connecting personally with nature.

2% of all online sales go to the charities which support species or causes featured in our designs:

Night Garden collection: Butterfly Conservation

Wild Oak collection: The Woodland Trust

Indoor Jungle collection: Mind

Forest Flight collection: Belize Bird Rescue